torsdag 10. juni 2010

Finally a chance to air some creativity!

Last time I was home in Norway I had a wonderful evening scrapping with my good friend Trude. Scrappejungelen had recently received the New Websters pages papers and I got to play with them for some LO's for the store in Stavanger. I love Websters, they are SO beautiful, and gets my creative juices flowing every time ;-)


"Syden" is a Norwegian term used for the Mediterranean area. It is what the kids call where-ever we have been on holiday, whether it's Spain, Greece or Turkey. The picture is from a house we rented in Spain last year. We absolutely loved it, and are going back in a week (I can hardly wait!).

7 years

A close up of my daughter minutes before her 7th birthday party. She can hardly wait!

Summer bliss

Ella from our vacation to the cabin in 2007, holding a crab her daddy caught for her. The little summer memories that are so precious.

My daddy is super-strong!

From the same vacation, with my husband carrying the kids. I love this picture :-)

Lyme Regis

I love the Tracy Chevalier books. It started with Girl With a Pearl Earring, and I have read all of them (as far as I know) since then. So when Remarkable Creatures came last fall, I had to get it right away. The setting is from Lyme Regis. Which was the first thing to spark my interest. Lyme Regis on the South Western coast of the UK is known for fossils. I thought it would be interesting for the kids as well. They learnt about rocks and fossils in their nursery in Norway. Anyways, we took a daytrip there in May and it was really special and beautiful! We are sure to go back :-)

mandag 2. november 2009

LO's for Scrappejungelen

I have not been a very good blogger lately! Sorry about that, we are still adjusting to our new life in London and I have not really been scrapping that much. But I did make a few LO's for Scrappejungelen when I was in Norway in September. I had such a good time playing around with the christmas papers from Graphics 45 and In Stitches from Prima. They are lovely!


This paper is just supercute! The text on the PP reads "It was the night before Christmas", which was just perfect for this picture of Oliver sleeping the night before Christmas 2008.


Every 13th December we celebrate St.Lucia, and the children dress in white and parade holding "candles". This is from last years celebration in Ella's nursery.


Oliver waiting for Christmas Eve to start. In Norwegian tradition Santa Claus arrives on Christmas Eve. The picture lifts up to reveal a picture of Santa arriving, plus the journalingbox attached to the Santa on his sled picture.

Christmas 2008

Ella dressed and ready for Christmas Eve to start. She was so cute, wanting to look her absolute best for Santa, and "needing" my tiara (bought but not used when we got married whey back when).


I love this picture of Ella and Oliver with their cousin Pernille from our vacation in Spain in June. On this I used on of the beautiful In Stitches papers from Prima.

fredag 4. september 2009

Layouts from London

I have scrapped! In the past week I have made 2 LO's, and here they are. My first LO's since we moved to London.

Fairy in the garden

We have had such a wonderful summer this year. These pictures were taken just over a week ago. Ella playing in the garden in her fairy costume. Also Ella running away from mommy as she did not want me to photograph her. But how could I resist? She looks almost magical :-)

4 years

Oliver had his 4 year Birthday Party the day before the movers came and packed our house down. It was also 2 days after we returned from our 2 week holiday in Spain. It was quite a task to get everything done in time, but he only turns four once, and we wanted it to be memorable for him. In the end it turned out really nice, we had the house full of happy 3-5 year old boys. And he loved being the center of all the attention :-)

tirsdag 1. september 2009

Prima product picks

Have you seen the blog candy in the prima blog??? They are amazing! Just check them out:

Getting those goodies in the mail would be like Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one!

The kiddos did not fall asleep untill 23, and I have an early day tomorrow... But managed to scrap a page this evening (yey!). To dark for pictures now though, and time for bed ;-)

mandag 31. august 2009


Ok, so I feel like a really terrible blogger. With the moving and everything I have honestly not scrapped in 2 months!! I am starting to feel withdrawal symptoms! So today we went to IKEA and bought me a new desk. So now FINALLY my scraproom is ready for use! So I have printed a few pictures, and plan to spend my evening here. As soon as the little rascals are put to bed. My husband is out today, so I have the house to myself for a few precious evening hours :-)

In the meantime, here are a few of the last LO's I made before moving here (my apologies for the lousy photos, I took them while we were packing down the house):

These LO's I made for Scrappejungelen using the wonderful romantic Webster's Pages papers. Love them!

fredag 3. juli 2009

Update from London

We moved in on Wednesday. When we arrived there was no one to meet us at the house. But it was unlocked as apparently there are 3 workers still working on the bathroom. They will be there for at least an other week apparently. Of the 3 toilets in the house, luckily one them does work. The washing machine unfortunately did not. It was filled with smelly water, and when we started it it flooded the utility room... The kitchen has a nice fridge/freezer with ice-cubes in the door. Unfortunately that was leaking water too. Most of the rooms of the house where finished, but as our beds are being sent from Norway we were staying in the guestroom, where we have rented furniture. However that room plus one of the other had no ceiling light. The house was supposedly cleaned by professional cleaners, however it was really dirty still and there were dead insects in the lamps (where there were lamps, which was not in every room).

It has been really warm in London the last two days. Yesterday was about 32c. One of the newspapers wrote about a heatwave coming in with temperatures up to 50c apparently. But the workers are working on tiling the patio (well they are working on the bathroom, so there is really no progress on the patio), but anyways we cannot use the garden for at least another week.

So there is a little bit of chaos on this end at the moment. But today the movers came with our stuff from Norway, so at least now we can move into our rooms, and things will start to settle. Although we will have to deal with the ungoing work for some time still. My agent calls it a "breach of the tenancy agreement" and have filed a complaint. But that does not really help us that much...

Fingers crossed, come next weekend we will finally be able to use the garden and have things a little more settled...

I am at work today for the first day, which has been really nice. Although the tube ride in was an experience I dare say. I came on on the second station, where all seats were already taken. After about 2-3 stops the train was so full I though there would not be room for more people on it. But apparently there was! So Monday morning I plan to try for the first or last carriage to see if those are better. The highlight of the day has been to meet my new collegues. There are so many people that I know from before, and everyone is being really nice. So I do really feel welcome. Which is always good on ones first day at a new job...

tirsdag 23. juni 2009

Our new house!

There has not been much time for scrapping lately, and now all my scrapbooking supplies are in boxes awaiting a journey over the ocean to our new home... Here is a picture, with Oliver sitting on the garden steps of our home for the next (possibly) 2 years:

The front of the house. The house is being renovated, so in this picture there are some workers...

Today the movers came and packed down most of our house. So now we are living out of our suitcases at my mothers house. On July 1st we will get on the plane and fly to our new home. It is a little surreal, but exciting, although quite stressful at the moment...

My new scraproom :-)